A brief history of me

Col. Freddie Winter Faith Winter (the smaller person) working on Archbishop George AbbottI was born in Catterick, Yorkshire in December 1958. The youngest of three children. My brother Martin is a corporate lawyer and senior partner and my sister Alice is a sculptor. M
y father was an Army Colonel and my mother a sculptor, it is easy therefore to see the divide between artistic and academic.

Being an Army child we were always on the move. Growing up we lived in Kent and Hampshire but some of my happiest years were the ones we spent in Singapore. School was from 9.00 am to 12.00 noon only, thereafter it was considered too hot to work. Only the senior schools had air conditioning in those days.

It was something of a shock to come back to England after my tropical idyll to a very old fashioned Dickension style of education at an all boy’s boarding school!

After four years of horror spent in the dark and dusty oak panelled corridors of a 19th century instructional system I was released.

I then attended Frensham Heights School, a far more enlightened and progressive
co-ed school. The sun shone again.

Two years at Farnham six form college to finish exams followed. I finished there in 1979. It was my intention to go on to Art College but decided to take a gap year first. A gap year that to all intents and purposes has now lasted over 27 years because it was at the beginning of this year that I met John Hine.

John Hine had approached my mother to do some work, some heraldic plaques. She accepted the job but being fairly busy gave them to me to do. It was only after John had seen and liked them that she introduced him to me as the person who had really made them. We collaborated on several other artistic ideas but nothing really worked.

The idea for cottages came about after a visit John had made to a shop in St Catherine’s Dock, London. The owner there showed John a butter dish made by Denby and fashioned in the shape of a cottage. He told him that they had sold well and perhaps we could try something similar, well we did and the rest is history.

My association with John Hine lasted for 17 years, I then moved for two short periods to two American companies, first Media Arts Group and then Enesco.

After that I had a short association with Martin Perry of Harmony kingdom and Kevin Pearson of British collectibles who operates out of Chicago.

I still work very closely with Kevin Pearson who continues to support and run “The Friends of David Winter” collectors club for the USA and Canada. I also work equaly as closely with Ann Hamlet who supports and runs “The Cottage Times”, the collectors club for the UK and Australia. (Their respective address’s are on this site)

These past 26 years or so years have seen a lot of travel on my part. I have been lucky enough to have travelled all through Europe including Iceland, across Australia and of course many times through America,

I have met too many people to remember them all as they number in the thousands but I am particularly pleased however by how many collectors have been bought together that who would otherwise have never met if it had not been for the Cottages.

I have two children Camilla and Edward who are currently at university.

"Jozefa, Me, Edward and Camilla. (and what an extraordinarily long left arm I have!)"



(c) David Winter